Integrated Self-Protection System


Securing in-flight safety: Integrated Self-Protection System

Envision a reliable system that alerts helicopter crews to imminent threats, and then deploys effective countermeasures against both ground and air-based attacks.

RUAG Aviation offers our Integrated Self-Protection System to do precisely this. It detects radar and laser threat emissions across a broad spectrum, as well as UV emissions from approaching missiles. Once a threat is detected, the Integrated Self-Protection System utilises the aircraft's available 2 to 16 modern chaff and flare dispensers to neutralise the approaching threats.


Radar-warning function (RWS-300)

The radar-warning function features a compact, wide-band, high-sensitivity solution with a high probability of intercept (POI). The addition of an optional digital receiver (DRx) transforms the radar-warning functionality into a full-fledged ESM system.

Laser-warning function (LWS-310)

The laser-warning functionality is delivered by four LWS-310 sensors and a processor card in the Electronic Warfare Controller (EWC). It features high sensitivity, excellent threat coverage and an exceptional probability of intercept (POI) for both single and multi-pulse emissions. A unique feature of this system is that it not only classifies laser emissions, but can also identify laser emission through a user-programmable threat library.

Missile-approach warning function (MAW-300)

High sensivity - translating to long range detection - is secured via a unique optical design incorporating filter technology with purpose-built image intensifier tubes and photon-counting focal-plane array processors. Each sensor uses a dedicated digital signal processor making use of a distributed, hierarchical data-processing architecture to ensure optimal utilisation of information in real time.

Countermeasures-dispensing function (BOP-L Series)

The BOP-L dispensers are controlled via a fully integrated chaff-and-flare dispenser controller that resides in the EWC. This allows for automatic dispensing under the control of the EWC upon threat identification. Each dispenser system is capable of handling mixed payloads, i.e. a mix of chaff and flares. Semi-automatic and manual firing capability are supported.

User-defined dispensing programmes/sequences are selected by the EWC for each identified threat. Dispensing techniques can be defined in the threat library for the EWC and uploaded to the system on the flight line.

Jettisoning of all payloads under emergency conditions is possible in all modes of operation.