CAST Electronic Dispenser Testing

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CAST-easy - simple and eco-friendly

CAST-easy case

CAST-easy - simple and eco-friendly

CAST-easy is a unique electronic chaff and flare simulator for simple and effective self-protection testing of the dispenser unit.

Providing effective training in the air, on the ground and in labs, it is a safe direct replacement for standard chaff and flare cartridges. CAST-easy is versatile, cost-effective and easy to use: in addition to being reusable with an unlimited shelf life, no maintenance is required for the device. The dispensing method is clearly visible on the CAST-easy, and once dispensed it can be reset at the push of a button.

RTCA/DO-160G and MIL-STD-810G airworthiness certified, CAST-easy contains no pyrotechnics, further reducing its low operating costs and enabling deployment on many different systems without any geographical or safety restrictions.

It is not dispenser-specific, is compatible with all NATO standard 1×1" countermeasure cartridges and is qualified for use even in the harshest of environmental conditions.

To best suit your requirements and to avoid CAST-easy being mistaken with live ammunition, this pioneering testing and training solution is available in a variety of colours.

CAST-zero+ - fast and reliable testing for stray voltage

CAST-zero+ chaff and flare emulator with stray voltage functionalities

CAST-zero+ - fast and reliable testing for stray voltage

Improve the safety of your personnel and equipment with CAST-zero+, a versatile, unique and user-friendly electronic chaff and flare emulator with advanced stray voltage testing functionalities. Intended for ground use only, CAST-zero+ provides comprehensive and reliable testing of self-protection dispensers by performing advanced chaff and flare emulations over the entire range of possible dispenser operating modes.

Versatile, CAST-zero+ can reproduce all possible dispensing scenarios for any dispenser type using 1×1" countermeasure cartridges. It is able to emulate the misfired status of a dispensable as well as monitor firing and inventory status, all at the push of a button. The optional IR remote control allows easy, simultaneous operation of several units.

CAST-zero+ is user-friendly and, like CAST-easy, it is cost-effective, reusable and rechargeable, requiring no pyrotechnics or hazardous material. Used in combination with missim, 4-in-1 sensor tester, CAST-zero+ provides comprehensive end-to-end testing of self-protection readiness.